12 Home Inspection Pictures That Will Horrify You!

TPR's on your Water Heater, are there to keep it from exploding! **KABOOM**

Why call an Electrician when you can DIY?

Giving a brand new definition to "Can Lights"

It's time to rock and roll when this chimney comes sliding down.

The Bathtub isn't the only place you shouldn't mix electricity and water!

We all love a good BBQ, but one on top of the Roof, over a Chimney?

Hydraulic Jacks are fun, but it's time to dispose of this!

Aluminum used to be used in house wiring, but this is new.

They put this there so the dog would drink out of tank and not the bowl.

Beer is carbonated with Gas, but this is the wrong way to do it!

Ventilate the Attic with our new Box Fan 5000!

This must be a European Plug!