About Lanika Home Inspection

Lanika Home Inspection Services was founded on a key principal: Buying a House is an Investment in your future, protect it!

We know this because of our own experience in Real Estate. Having owned property in different places over the years we know that a house is an asset. We know that buying a house is an Investment, and that with any investment, proper due diligence has to be done!  Most Home Inspectors come from construction trade backgrounds, they built houses, were general contractors, architects, plumbers, or electricians.  While that is a solid background for making sure a house is well built, the picture that they craft while writing their reports does not go beyond a simple this works/this doesn’t.  What we know is buying a house is one of the most expensive choices you are ever going to make.  And not just the down-payment!

As a home buyer you need to know whether the Furnace is within it’s working lifespan, whether the roof is going to last for more than a year, is the water heater as old as the house?  These facts add up to additional out of pocket expenses that can turn a home into a money-pit.  Whether you are buying a starter home or condo, or buying a home to retire in, the Greater Seattle Housing market makes your purchase an Investment in your future, lets us help you know if it’s the right purchase for you.